Career – Does Career really empower women?



Certainly yes!

But, if you are not a whole woman – A happy or content woman- then your career can never empower you. The more joy you extract from your work the more round your personality and success becomes. It also enhances and beautifies your performance at work.

So, to be a whole career woman, some guidelines must be kept in mind:

Be professional in your most interested field

Your interest makes you learn your field from every perspective. You should not be crazy but passionate about the work you do. Your innovative mind and your experiences attract the perspective employer more than the way you dress.

So, like a round ball keep on rolling, gather experiences and avoid being flat.


What’s most important in your life: Career or Family?

It’s your family which is more important than your job. Your relationships with you family are more valuable and last longer than any career. The real satisfaction in life comes with love you give and get in return. Make one partner who has same values as you have- it will ease making the critical decisions by being together.

So, believe in- Difficult times pass over smooth when loving ones are around.


How to get through tough times in your career

Always believe in you ability to fix things and turn bad situations to their brighter sides. Learn from it what you can. There are many more paths to continue. Be passionate and find creative ways in front of others. Gather experiences not jobs so that new skills enter into your personality to transfer to your teammates and you can be a good team-leader.

So, Tread the un-trodden and leave behind a new path.


Try to be yourself. Everything else is taken and the ‘taken’ can never satisfy your ‘self’.

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