How To Clean Gas Stove?

Cleaning Gas Stove in daily routine is easy but removing stubborn burnt stains

is a little bit difficult. Let’s see how I tried to clean these stains with washing detergent, hot water and vim powder by leaving them applied overnight. In the morning I was struggling to clean it but couldn’t get desired results. Luckily my son watched me failing in doing my job and suggested to try a kitchen cleaner which he had bought for cleaning his own gadgets. And, LOL, it worked amazingly!

Here is How To Clean Gas Stove? video in Hindi.

Here, I am going to share my experience of cleaning my gas stove which was being ignored by me for a month or two.

I wore disposable gloves on my hands to protect my hands and nails.

I took two tea spoons washing detergent in a glass bowl and poured boiling water in it.

Making it a dilute paste I applied it on the steel plates around the burners with the help of plastic scrubber.

I didn’t work well and I poured vim powder and applied over the plates adding a few drops of water and left it over night.

In the morning I struggled hard to clean the stains. It worked a little better but cleaned not completely.

The remaining stubborn stains exasperated me popping up ‘TAAIN TAAIN FISH”!

I too, retorted back to the stains saying, “Beware, I am ExplorerUT”!!!

Luckily my son suggested me to try the kitchen appliance cleaner which he had bought to clean his gadgets which I didn’t know if it was lying at home. I gave my cleaning another try.

LOL! It worked very well.

Its shine came out with an applause.

At last my job was done.

So, keep trying! Keep cleaning!

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