Only Rice Can Make Your Skin And Hair Look Amazing

Know why the beauty experts and naturopaths almost all over the world are recomending the use of rice in beauty products. Also know how can these recipes be prepared very easily at home, are least expensive and leave behind no side effects.  

It is said that simplest solution is almost always the best. This implies not only to your life problems but also to your skin and hair care issues. Rice is the most common grain and ‘to eat’ means ‘to eat rice’ prevails in the mindsets of almost half of the population of the world. One of the most important grains, rice is a staple food for common people supplying as much as half of the daily calories. Most of us care least about the left over water after washing and boiling rice. We throw it away. We ignore to realize that the starchy water is a solution to many skin care issues.

Historically, for centuries, rice has been a great beautifying ingredient for skin and hair care products. Asian women, since ages, have used rice water or rice wine to enhance their face, body and hair. Recently Skin care experts have discovered the wonders of rice water. The best thing about that is the rice water can be prepared at home easily and can be used in preparing some other skin and hair care recipes as a base ingredient. 

However, there are anecdotal evidences which have not been verified by scientists, benefits of rice water continue to be popular among K-Beauty product manufacturers. 

These Are:

  1. Anti-Aging
  2. Face Toning
  3. Skin Brightening
  4. Sun-Burn Calming
  5. Damage Repairing
  6. Face Cleansing
  7. Acne Treating
  8. Moisturising 
  9. Skin Barriering     

Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe rice water as an effective ointment to cool off the inflamed skin. Rice water also has lots of antioxidants in it, which help to prevent or fade age-spots, ease skin irritations and give you soft, glowing, clear skin. As long as it’s left on the skin, rice water is said to offer mild protection from the sun. 

Rice cream and other beauty DIY products made from the natural extracts of all the beneficial properties of rice are being used in Korea, Japan and Asia. These products can be made at home and are free from chemical preservatives. These can be made as and when required in minimal quantity, however, can be stored in the refrigerator for about ten to twelve days.   

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